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Beauty trend: Orange lipstick

3 augustus 2013 | 2 Comments

Nothing makes a look more beautiful than a beautiful lipstick that matches your outfit and your skin tone perfectly. One of my favorite shades is an orange lipstick. I already bought mine at Kiko a few years ago and I still love to wear it! And this post is all about the orange lipstick and where you can find it!

Oviously, an Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick could not miss in this post! I have the red one which I love and I’m quite sure I would love this shades: “Orange Impertinent” (on the left) and “Corail in Touch” as well!

The Kiko Luscious Cream lipstick in 508 is the orange colour that I have been using for a few years now. You could see me wearing it in this outfit. This is the one on the left in this picture and costs 6,90 euros. The same colour (Arancio) is also available for 3,90 euros as “Smart Lipstick” I have this one as well (in another color) and use it very often!

And how about these Rouge Allure lipstick in “Excentrique” (left) and Rouger Allure Velvet lipstick in “La Favorite” (right).

I am also very curious about this “Orangina” lipstick from Catrice. I already have a few lipsticks of this brand and it’s a great product for a great price! All the Catrice lipsticks are only 3,99 euros.

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